Bad Chiropractor? Family Sues

The estate of the late Katie May is suing the chiropractor that she used to go to for her death. The suit alleges that the chiropractor gave the former Playboy model a bad adjustment that ended up causing her death.

According to reporting around the case, the estate is asking the doctor to pay up for the tuition of a younger sibling of the deceased woman. The doctor has tried to settle the whole thing through his insurance company, but nothing has yet come of that.

A few factors are alleged in the lawsuit which will have to each be untangled in the courts. The suit says that the doctor is guilty of medical malpractice, negligence, and ultimately of wrongful death. An autopsy was ordered in the case and the death was ruled as accidental.

Another point of controversy is that the estate claims that the doctor wrote up Katie May’s patient report a full five days after having treated her. They say that this may have been done as a way of covering up for the fact that she was treated poorly and did not receive the care that she was supposed to.

She originally went to see the chiropractor after having believed that she had pinched a nerve while doing a photo shoot. She tweeted out that she was going to see a chiropractor as a result of this. After her visit to the chiropractor she complained of dizziness and numbness. Her family urged her to go to the emergency room which she did. There she was determined to be suffering from a stroke. Just a day or so later she was put on life support.

All of this is a huge tragedy for someone so young, and must certainly be painful for the family to be going through. This is exactly the type of situation that calls for a Louisville wrongful death lawyer.

There may or may not be a case here. The court will have to decide if the doctor did act properly or if his actions lead to the death of this young woman. Whatever the result may end up being, it is a good thing that the family has the opportunity to seek out the justice that they believe they deserve. We all should have the opportunity to have our day in court and be heard.

If something terrible like this ever happens to someone in your family you will want to hire an attorney immediately. The sooner that a lawyer can get on the case the better. They know what to do and say to help try to make this start to get a little better. It is up to you to figure out how you want to proceed with everything, but most everyone you talk to about this would tell you the same thing. You must seek out legal counsel if you want to get this thing done correctly. That is the only way that you can rest assured that your case is receiving the proper attention that it deserves.