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Bad Chiropractor? Family Sues

The estate of the late Katie May is suing the chiropractor that she used to go to for her death. The suit alleges that the chiropractor gave the former Playboy model a bad adjustment that ended up causing her death. According to reporting around the case, the estate is asking the doctor to pay up

A Guide to Choosing the Right e-Invoicing Solution

Electronic invoicing involves the exchange of payment documents between a buyer and seller through an integrated electronic format. Like any other paper-based process, invoicing is labor-intensive and prone to human errors. Everyone would want to have the best e-Invoicing solution for their business. However, you need to consider some factors before committing to your decision.

The Real Benefits Using a Private Cloud for Your Business

Cloud computing is one the biggest buzzwords in the world of IT. It brings an incredible promise to businesses of all sizes. The awareness and widespread curiosity of cloud services are attributable to interests in cloud computing. The benefits of pooling of computer resources, dividing them and allocating them to different users — which is

Dependable and Convenient International Shipping Addresses

The Advantages of Package Forwarding Services Package forwarding services can be helpful to individuals and businesses alike. It’s not always easy to place orders with online stores that are based in other nations. That’s because they don’t always offer international shipping. That can pose a serious dilemma for many people. If you need to purchase something and

The 3 General Ways of Blood Selection

Blood collection is really a vital process in bloodstream testing. Proper bloodstream collection is needed to ensure the actual reliability associated with results. The general means of blood selection are (observe that this is just a research guide – you need to only try this if you’re a expert): 1. Venipuncture – It’s the collection

NEET Admit Card 2017

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, or NEET as it is more commonly known now, has replaced the previously known AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) as of 2016 when the government, along with the Supreme Court, decide to replace all state CETs with NEET with the intention to bring all medical colleges under the