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Streamline Payroll Instead of Cutting It

Any business owner can tell you that the single largest expense of doing business is labor. Unfortunately, one of the first things management tends to look when they need to cut expenses is payroll. They start looking at what employees can be cut without harming daily production too much. Perhaps there’s a better way. Maybe

SEO Tools: How to Rank #1 in Google

SEO is a lot more complicated than it was a decade ago. There have been many major changes to stop the spammers and low quality SEO techniques. If someone says that SEO is a simple task, then he/she is lying to you. With the latest search engine updates, it is also impossible for SEO professionals

How Climate Change May Impact on Millennial Pension Funds

Given the wealth of evidence that exists to supports climate change, it is bizarre that it continues to be viewed with such scepticism by some. American President Donald Trump is a renowned climate change denier, for example, with his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement capturing his approach in microcosm. Even the Democratic

Bad Chiropractor? Family Sues

The estate of the late Katie May is suing the chiropractor that she used to go to for her death. The suit alleges that the chiropractor gave the former Playboy model a bad adjustment that ended up causing her death. According to reporting around the case, the estate is asking the doctor to pay up

A Guide to Choosing the Right e-Invoicing Solution

Electronic invoicing involves the exchange of payment documents between a buyer and seller through an integrated electronic format. Like any other paper-based process, invoicing is labor-intensive and prone to human errors. Everyone would want to have the best e-Invoicing solution for their business. However, you need to consider some factors before committing to your decision.